This major winter appeal is the most important annual appeal for Anglicare's fundraising portfolio aimed at existing patrons and appealing for new donors. 
The brief asked for a strong visual that represented desolate isolation being brought 'out of the shadows' as a result of Jesus' love shown via the work of Anglicare in the community. The mother and daughter made the featured case study demographics personal and real. The photoshoot concentrated on plays of shadow and light and the resulting collateral graduated from ominous darkness through to hopeful lightness. 
The die-cut dinner invite used the heavy lockup to create a physical shadow over the inside pages to give an immersive experience into the theme. This was carried through across decor and styling at the fundraising event.
Various print and digital assets including die cut invite, A4 & DL lifts, fundraising material, hand coded responsive eDMs, social media and website tiles.
My concept and design work on this appeal resulted in one of the biggest fundraising returns the company had seen in a long time, it was much bolder and outside the box from anything they had done before. 
The work on these appeals was always something that was outsourced to external agencies. When I came on board, I pitched to the fundraising team against their external agency, won to keep the job in-house and saved the company in excess of $80,000 spend in agency and production costs.

Employer: Anglicare Sydney
Services: concept development, art direction, source talent, direct photoshoot, graphic design, production direction,
manage job from brief through to production. Build and execute digital assets for eDM & web.

Year: 2019
Software: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Campaign Monitor

Winter dinner invite

Winter Appeal lift cover

Winter Appeal A4 lift spread

Winter Appeal A4 lift spread

Winter Appeal fundraising material

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