G'day, I'm Janine Hearne, a born and bred Aussie who fell in love with an American who convinced me to leave the sun and killer wildlife behind to move to snowy Alaska in September 2020.
Along with a suitcase full of Vegemite and Tim Tams, I also brought with me over 17 years' of extensive graphic design and coding experience that spreads over time in both agency and in-house positions.
As a highly effective design manager and creative problem solver, I am known for my corporate design expertise, leadership abilities, practical solutions and fast turnarounds on multiple (often conflicting) deadlines. Did I mention, I code too?! I love getting into some juicy HTML builds for eDMs or tweaking any pesky CSS in Wordpress themes when something's not quite right. 
When I'm not doing InDesign or Dreamweaver stuff, I would usually be out riding my motorbike... but since I'm still trying to find my snow feet, I'm more confined to indoor activities like cooking and... well... eating.
I am fully 'greencarded' to permanently live and work in the US so I would love to find a local design or comms agency that is willing to put up with my accent and allow me to be part of their creative community.

Feel free to download my professional details here:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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