Anglicare Op Shops were adding services to their shop fronts by creating community services hubs inside. They needed a brochure to outline the new services and highlight the value Anglicare Op Shops brings to the community - they're not just your basic thrift store! As Anglicare produces a lot of DL flyers on services and updates, we wanted this one to stand out from the noise. 
I created this gatefold design splitting the front door to give it some dimension and make it interactive for the reader. As Anglicare has 20+ op shop sites across Sydney, we couldn't feature one site over another, and budget did not stretch to a photoshoot, I comped together a series of stock images to create the cover, then leveraged existing client photography for the inside messaging.
Employer: Anglicare Sydney
Services: concept, graphic design, stakeholder management
Year: 2021
Software: InDesign, Photoshop
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